The Study Trip committee is happy to present our trip for 2022. For years our committee has sailed Europe - from the Scandinavian fjords in Stockholm, onto the cold harbors of Russo-Viking St. Petersburg. After a quick stop in the Norse Kingdom of Dyflin (derived from the Irish Dubh Linn) in the far west, it is time to continue our journey towards the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxembourg city. We will enjoy Luxembourg City's culture for a couple of days during this city trip.

Some information about the trip:

  • When: 3rd 'till 6th of May

  • Where: Luxembourg City

  • What:

    • ~€225*

For companies: If you are interested in hosting a visit for us during our trip, feel free to contact us. We would very much enjoy learning about your company itself and its business ventures. This will give your company the opportunity to present itself, give a tour, let us work on a case or brainstorm with you on a specific problem. Contact the committee via

*Price is not final and might differ per participant.