The schedule below is an example and an approximation of what the programme might look like. This is in no way final, but is just written down to give you an impression of what you can expect.


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*subject to change

Schedule: descriptive view


On Sunday, we will travel from Nijmegen to Kraków. The train will depart from Nijmegen Central at 09:54. Our expected arrival time in Krakow is 23:54, so make sure you take some food with you and some entertainment for along the way.


On the first day of this study trip in Krakow, we start by visiting two companies and an university .We will close the day together by dining at the hostel, after, people will have free time and can do what they want. 


Not as busy as the day before, we will only visit one company. The rest of the day will be free time. Maybe get some rest after getting some lunch or start exploring the city of Krakow. Check the travelguide for some tips on what you could do, and don't forget to bring along your stickers and wear your shirt.

Do note that dinner and lunch are NOT provided today.


We will start today with a tour, organized by our one-and-only Tim Reijneveld. After the provided lunch, you will be free till dinner, which is provided at the hostel today. Afterwards,  you are again free to do what you want.

The national holidays have started today in Poland, so there should be enough to do in the evening and night.


This will be our cultural day. We will start with a visit to the underground museum. After, we will go to the “Wieliczka” salt mines, with some beautiful chambers and even chapels.

After the mines, everyone is completely free again. So for the people who want, maybe explore some cultural night activities now?


This will already be the last day. There will be freetime in the morning, so you can sleep that headache away. In the afternoon, we will have our last activity, which will be an optional tour trough the Jewish district, Kazimierz. We will close this week by having our last dinner together.


On Saturday, we will travel from the Kraków to Nijmegen. Our train will leave Krakow at 10:00. We will arrive in Nijmegen at 00:49, so make sure you have fixed some food during the traintrip.