Please note that the start and end date of the study trip are not yet final.

The schedule below is an example and an approximation of what the programme might look like. This is in no way final, but is just written down to give you an impression of what you can expect.

Schedule: visual view

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Schedule: descriptive view


On Friday, we will travel from the Netherlands to Osaka.


We hope to arrive Saturday morning. You will have the rest of the day off, so you can unpack, explore the city yourself, or rest from the flight.


Today, we will start exploring the city together. We will start the day by exploring a cultural place, with some nature around to hike. After lunch, we will visit a temple and the surrounding shrines. You have the rest of the day and evening off, so you can have dinner yourself.


Today, we will visit a university and an institute. In the morning, we will go to a university, where we will explore what it's like to study in Kyoto or Osaka. In the afternoon, we will visit an institute for computing science. You will once again have the evening off.


Today, we will visit our first company. We will learn what it's like to work in the technology sector in Japan. In the afternoon, we will do a fun scavenger hunt through a beautiful area in Kyoto.


Woohay! You have a full free day! Enjoy a walk down the philosopher's path, find your way to the beautiful park, full of cherry blossom trees, or take a hike through the nature surrounding Kyoto. It's all up to you!


We will visit two companies today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon! After such a heavy day, you will have the rest of the day off.


We will visit a university in the morning, and a company in the afternoon. Afterwards, we have an evening programme where we will first have a traditional dinner together. Afterwards, we will visit a temple by night, where the area is beautifully lit in different colors.


Today, we will travel back to the Netherlands. We hope the flight is in the afternoon or evening, so we can schedule one more activity in the morning.


We arrive in the Netherlands and travel back to Nijmegen.